About the instructors

Hélène is a Frech expat completely in love with the Southern US and its rich story telling culture.

Natural light is her passion. Cookbooks, editorials and chefs in their kitchen, her ways to write a visual story. Seasonal and fresh ingredients, a love of travel and genuine interest in people give her constant new materials to work with.

Clients include Ten Speed Press, Running Press, Cooking Light, Southern Living, Weight Watchers, Le Cordon Bleu, Le Creuset, One Kings Lane, Food&Wine among others. 

When not behind the camera as Senior Photographer at Oxmoor House in Birmingham, Alabama, Helene's personal work can be seen on her blog, Tartelette & her portfolio, Helene Dujardin Photography.

John Ondo: On most days at Lana Restaurant, you will find Chef John Ondo on the front kitchen line — right where he likes it, making sure the plates are perfect before they hit the table, visiting with guests, and always working to prep for the next service.

As chef/owner of Lana Restaurant, he’s spent the last seven years refining its rustic approach to Mediterranean cuisine. He interprets classic regional dishes through local ingredients, a respect for high-quality products, and the adventurous spirit that informs the tasting menus and seasonal changes.

Ondo is a Lowcountry native, at home in the kitchen since childhood, who has honed his skills though culinary school, front-line work at well-known Charleston restaurants such as McCrady’s, Carolina’s and Il Cortile del Re, and he has developed a personal approach to food that is at once elegant, comforting and satisfying.